Sunday, July 6, 2008

The Future for Skiing and Skating is here

By: Alon Cohen

The RedSeaMobile Invented in Israel, is still somewhat ugly and still clunky, but it is doing a good a job as it first of a kind prototype. Imagine the pod racing in star wars without the antigravity nonsense and you got yourself a RedSeaMobile. The RedSeaMobile takes skiing, skating, and in-line skating to the next level in terms of sports’ action, speed, terrain, distance season and accessibility. What so far were inaccessible places for skaters, like going uphill just to be sliding back down at speeds beyond comprehension or, sliding across flat sands in the desert using ski’s, or using larger wheel skates for miles long rides along the shoreline, are now a reality (well as soon as this become widely available).

It seems like a good Skater can derive lots of fun and sporting action out of this device.

I had the privilege to contribute a few small ideas myself to the inventors and building team composed of the two most creative people I have seen, Hagai Cohen and Mel Rosenberg while they were creating the prototype. The prototype was patented and then unveiled this year at the Kinernet geek convention in Israel alongside inventions from famous people and companies like Google, Jeff Pulver, and other Israeli inventors including Yossi Vardi the legendary father of ICQ who is also one the organizers of the event.

It seems like the RedSeaMobil team is in need of a younger and more experienced skater/test driver to really show the unit's capabilities, but I am sure there will be lots of volunteers who would like to make history.

The word is that the team is now working on a green version to meet California’s Environmental regulations.

In the video, you can see Mel (in his fifties) using the RedSeaMobil in relative ease but in a somewhat reserved manner which is acceptable to his age and skating experience.
Enjoy the Video.