Sunday, August 9, 2009

Canceling a Vonage Account

By: Alon Cohen

As someone who works for a somewhat competing phone company I would probably not think about publishing my own horror story of getting disconnected from Vonage on the company’s blog. However, since I do like Vonage I hope they take some hints from this blog post. After all Vonage have created a huge service from scratch and lead the fight to de-regulation of VoIP, sometimes they win and we all win and sometimes they loose and we all pay the price, consumers and VoIP phone companies as one.

Since I have encountered a somewhat similar story to mine about canceling a Vonage account on a respectable site I have decided to share some of it, by reference, on my personal blog and offer a potential solution for a tormented customer.

Just as an FYI, knowing about the cancelation situation, (which I work for) was established on the principals of providing the best customer support possible, best service possible at the most affordable price, while providing customers a simple way to move in and out from the service. Apparently it pays off. People come to us just because they heard we provide the best customer support.

So if you are leaving Vonage to any carrier here is a small advice:

First go to the winning company’s site, register, and start the process of number porting.

(You will normally need to have the last bill from the loosing company sent over)

Once the number was ported and only after it was ported, call the loosing company to disconnect.

If you do not call, you may keep paying the loosing company even if the number was ported!

If you happen to like and choose them (us), simply press the banner above to start the process. The banner will take you to the Virtual Office page which is designed for small businesses, but you can move around the site and select Home Phone Plus which is a direct replacement to Vonage.

Check it out.